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Just some news on the song I'm making lol

Posted by algebratrouble - 6 days ago

Well, I'm almost done with my marathon song, no idea what to call it though. I've already done 3 characters in the song now, I just need more to complete it.

This whole marathon is based of a underrated unfinished Baldi's Basic's mod called Vicente's Dark House. The 3 characters I've already made into the song are:

Turbo (baldi)

SPG_1 (playtime)

Kavilin (I don't know)

The song is going to be planned around 20 minutes, and the whole thing will be made by me on FL studio (except chromatics and samples, of course.)

I kind of just want to get this done, not in a bad way of course. I just want to finish this so then I could chart in Friday Night Funkin', with sharing the chart to my friends and then they could finish some so we could all work together to chart this.

MoldyGH (creator of Vs. Dave) created a song called Splitathon, which is 10 minutes. He said that the charting took 2 hours, so this could possibly take a long time, because a lot of my friends are lazy, including me lol.

Now that I have Producer Edition on Fl studio (I got it 3 days ago), I can place audio samples, so then the song can be even better with the addition of that.

I might finish more tomorrow though. Right now, as I'm typing this it's currently 15:31 for me. I might make a bit more once I get the other characters done. Then I'll make the rest tomorrow and post it here on Newgrounds.

Well, goodbye now!




Update: I had to restart my computer, I saved the FLP but it didn't let me open it because a while ago someone threatened to doxx me if I didn't delete FL studio 20, without knowing I deleted it. But then that fucked up ALL my FL Studio files so I can't open any type of FLP.